It all started 13 years ago as we set out looking for inspiration traveling across the country, and working side by side many environmental organizations who shared the same vision and passion we had for the environment. We visited with towns and communities as we engaged with their volunteers assisting them in their cleanup efforts.

Our vast knowledge on how to pick up litter and debris properly is how The Clean Earth Project rose to the top as the premier environmental litter cleanup company.  We welcome you to engage with us in these cleanup efforts as it will be a great benefit to the environment and generations to follow!


The outcome! We care about the environment and everything that lives in it, it’s that simple!  We are making a huge impact by raising awareness as to the litter issues at hand with YOUR help! 

By spreading our name and what we do out into the world, we are able to continue our mission as we work towards creating a cleaner sustainable future!


We've teamed up with Garbo Grabber, who manufactures an amazing new product called The Trash Bagger, "The quicker litter picker".

Our events are extremely successful due to the efficiency and cleanliness of these products! Our volunteers state they would volunteer more often because these products are available to them. 


Our gear was created to look good on the people wearing it and to also help us make a positive impact on our environment.  Sales of our products make this possible.